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A company which is a tax resident of the Republic is taxed on income arising from sources both within and outside of the Republic. For the above purposes a company is a tax resident of the republic if the control and the management of that company are exercised in the Republic. Corporate income tax rate The corporate income tax rate for all companies is 12,5%. Why Cyprus? Cyprus is a member of the European Union and operates under a secure legal framework safeguarding the interests of its citizens and companies whilst promoting business growth. Cyprus’ strategic location established the island as a business hub for corporations around the world. Along with the...

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Individuals who are Cyprus tax residents they are taxed in Cyprus on their worldwide income subject to certain exceptions. Who can be a tax resident in Cyprus? ‘183 day’ rule With reference to the Income Tax Law of 2002 (118(I)/2002), an individual who stays more than 183 days in the Republic within a tax year (1 January to 31 December) is a tax resident of the Republic. ‘60 day’ rule Alternatively, an individual can be a tax resident of the Republic even though he spends less than or equal to 183 days in the Republic if he/she satisfies the following conditions: does not spend more than 183 any other country;is not a tax resident...

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